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 It's a matter of great pleasure that Gyanodaya Secondary School has been established as a center of academic excellence. The outstanding results, the good academic environment and ever helping, local team of the public are the major features of this school. It has its aim to become a leading educational institution to provide bright and brilliant graduates I wish for the much more help and contribution of all to make it as the best community school throughout the country. 
Mrs.Urmila Mali


Gyanodaya secondary school (GSS) is the best community based government granted potentials. The sole objectives of this school is to provide quality education. It was established on 2020 B.S at the community level by help of local people.it has been working very to maintain academic excellences. GHSS now offers +2 program of science, management and education under HSEB aiming at the production of highly qualified manpower. The school has bagged many national and regional level awards for its glorious educational excellences through government level honoring its outstanding remarks .it aims for the totally development of the students.


Gyanodaya higher secondary school has its vision to have a academic excellences. It has its aim to produce bright and brilliant graduates who can compete in national and international levels.


  1. ·       Providing practical and values based education
  2. ·       Creating a proper learning environment
  3. ·       Producing academic excellences
  4. ·       To produce competent and demanded manpower in the global market
  5. ·       Exploring the creativity and positive attitude  in the students
  6. ·       To prepare students to be adaptable for the challenges of 21st century.


  1. ·       National shield and award of 2059.
  2. ·       Cash rupees RS 4, 00,000 and letter of appreciation on 2060.
  3. ·       Regional shield and award on 2061
  4. ·       Regional shield ad award  on 2063
  5. ·       Regional shield and award on 2064
  6. ·       Cash prize  from secondary education support programme on 2065
  7. ·       Nepal top among the community based school by jagadish upprati getting 93.5% on SLC result of 2067.
  8. ·       Regional shield and award on 2068.

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