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Message From Principal

It’s our great pleasure and honor to welcome you to Gyanodaya secondary school, puranokalimati, baphal, Kathmandu. We hope to convey the passion and enthusiasm that both staff and students brings to all that they do here, making GSS such a wonderful place to learn. We are proud of strong team of meticulously trained, dedicated and committed faculty and staff and much advanced teaching aids.

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Message Chair Person

It's a matter of great pleasure that Gyanodaya Secondary School has been established as a center of academic excellence. The outstanding results, the good academic environment and ever helping, local team of the public are the major features of this school. It has its aim to become a leading educational institution to provide bright and brilliant graduates I wish for the much more help and contribution of all to make it as the best community school throughout the country. Mrs.Urmila Mali

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Our Features

At GYANODAYA, the most wonderful and graceful highly advanced ICT classroom and cyber class.

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School is providing bus service for students who are coming from far distance. Specially, the student from Sitapaila, Swoyambhu, Banasthali, Bishnumati Link Road, Balkhu and Kalimati choose the bus service. Naikap, Satungal and Thankot area, we serve bus in Next year only as the road construction is continuing in that area.

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Because of the positive outlooks of every stakeholders, Gyanodaya School is stood as an outstanding school among the community based schools. The citizens, the locals, committees, agencies, NGOS/INGOS, government everyone and every sectors continuously helping this school at any moment.

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We have well equipped separate physics,chemistry,biology and advance ICT computer laboratory.

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